Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Pictures and Video from 2018 Class

Young Aviators uses aviation as an appetizer to get young people excited about STEM education. The program puts 14 to 18-year-old teens in the pilot seat through daily simulator and real aircraft training. All training is done in a pleasant, informal atmosphere at the 838 EAA Chapter, located at Batten International Airport, in Racine, Wisconsin. The five day 2018 Program will run from August 6-10. In addition to flying, the class week will include 30 hours of classroom study in principles of flight, physics, chemistry, math and other subjects related to aviation. Students also attend a daily hangar workshop class that introduces the use of manufacturing tools to make a real aircraft component.  We’re a volunteer-led program that works to inspire students to “dream big dreams” and develop the skills needed to make those dreams come true.




STEM-oriented education programs like Young Aviators play an urgently needed role that helps “light the spark” of interest and encourages American boys and girls to enroll in technical & scientific curriculums. Doing so will help them succeed in the “Information Age” and be a resource to shape the future success of our country.

Make Young Aviators a favorite charity on your Amazon account. Then when you shop at Amazon, Amazon makes a small donation to Young Aviators.


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