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Students making the news

Jolie Larson  “My amazing experience

Alumni Emily Horvath talks about Young Aviators in the school paper

Michael Porter  Nomination to Naval Academy

Aaron Gehne,   2011 class comments

Racine Journal Times August 2011 See who made the newspaper

Skiles Event Article, Mary 2011Photos by Mark Hertzberg Racine Journal Times

Midwest Flyer Magazine, August 2010No you don’t get to fly the plane on the cover

Information Aircraft owners and pilot association

Experimental Aircraft Association

Local EAA Chapter 838

History of Aviation Pioneers Excitement drove the pioneers and Burt Rutan continues it
Navigation by the Ancients describes navigation by the stars, astronomy, and tools of the ancients
Weather – Cause & Effect Part 1

Part 2 (Global Warming)

Weather/Seasons/Climate/Ice Ages;

by Sean Dwyer

Physics & Chemistry of Flight Cause & Effect analysis on how aircraft get LIFT & CONTROL
Lever Principle and Weight & Balance Lesson plans, home-work, and hand-out
 Landings at Ohare  Just another day in Chicago
Aviation for Science Teachers  post-graduate courses at UW-P
Preflight Inspection PA28-140 A detailed pre-flight inspection was surprisingly motivating for kids
Handouts for Young Aviators outreach program McKinley Middle School program Jan/Feb 2011
Sam Johnson and Young Eagles Appreciation by EAA Chapter 838 when Carnauba moved to Fortaleza Hall
Burt Rutan Speaking on commercial space travel

Facebook   Young Aviators



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