Here’s how the Summer Program works:

Students receive daily innovative and enjoyable classroom instruction in aerodynamics, principles of flight, flight physics, navigation, flight planning, aviation weather and other flying related subjects.


Daily workshop periods are devoted to working with a variety of tools to assemble real aircraft components. The example here is a leading edge spar for an airplane components. The example here is a leading-edge spar for a Sonic Aircraft wing.

Shop class

Students learn to operate a state-of-the-art FAA certified flight simulator that realistically synthesizes the “throttle, stick and rudder” requirements for basic controlled flight. They learn to make takeoffs, climbs, glides, turns, descents and landings. These maneuvers speed up the in-aircraft learning process that follows.


And then, the program highlights. Students move into training airplanes and fly...every day...with a professional flight instructor. Training hours in the air are logged in your official Pilot Log Book and apply to the requirements for a Private Pilots License.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Lighting the spark of interest in STEM, through aviation. -

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Please Donate. This program only works because so many people give their time and money.