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The U.S. needs more engineers and scientists if we are to maintain our position as the world's high technology leader. Despite the fact that the world is now embracing all time high levels of advanced technology methods and processes, a large portion of American youth now lack the scientific curiosity, ambition and interest that was abundantly displayed by previous generations. Today's youngsters often ignore the rewards of technology based careers and opt, instead, for less demanding and less rewarding jobs.
The Young Aviators Program has been successful in stimulating student interest in "things technical" and highlighting the excitement and satisfaction of science based careers.
Your donation will help us "light that spark" and contribute to the dreams and ideas that will lead to a better future for our county and the world.


Support Opportunities
$3000 Approximate program cost per student. This level allows a student without financial resources to apply and if accepted, attend the program.  
$1500 Major Supporter Level: includes web site recognition (if desired) each student needs at least $2200 in scholarships to make the program feasible for most parents.  
$ any amount We'll take it! Aviation gasoline, paper, notebooks, flying charts.. It all adds up.  

Contributions maybe made via check Young Aviators, 3239 North Green Bay Rd, Racine, WI 53404. If you any questions about the contributions, call us at 262 515 9838. The phone is not answer full time, but we will call you back in short order.

Additionally it might be more convenient to make a donation for any amount via PayPal. Just chick the yellow donate button on the left and it will walk you through the process. With larger donation amounts: mailing a check to Young-Aviators, Batten International Airport, 3239 North Green Bay Rd, Racine, WI 53404. Will keep processing fees low, so more money can get to the kids.

Your tax deductible gift will help our volunteer led Young Aviator staff orchestrate another successful year filled with programs that educate and inspire local teens to pursue science based learning and technical careers.

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Please Donate. This program only works because so many people give their time and money.