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While the world is now embracing all-time high levels of advanced technology, methods, and processes, a growing portion of American youth lacks the scientific curiosity and ambition to pursue technology-based careers. They often choose instead less demanding and less rewarding jobs. The Young Aviators Program has been successful in stimulating student interest in things technical and highlighting the passion, excitement, and satisfaction of science-based careers.Please help us “light sparks of interest” that contribute to the dreams and ideas that will lead to a bright future for our country. Your contribution will help us make that happen. Over and over again.

Support Opportunities
$3000 The approximate cost per student. This level gift will allow a student without financial resources to apply and if accepted attend the program.  Full Tank
$1500 Supports our tuition fund that essentially gives a $2200.00 scholarship to every accepted student. A great gift.  Half Tank
$ any amount We’ll take it with sincere thanks. With expenses like insurance, aviation gasoline, paper supplies, facility rental and flight instructor fees, we welcome any gift that enables our young students to SOAR!  Thanks

Contributions can be made via check to Young Aviators Inc., 3239 North Green Bay Road, Racine, Wi. 53402. Questions? Our email address is or call us at 262 515-9838. This number is not manned at all times but leave us a message and we’ll get back to you in short order. 

PayPal. Many of our donors prefer to use PayPal. Just click on the Yellow Donate button. It will walk you through the easy to understand the process. If you are giving a larger amount please send a check to our address above. It will bypass credit card and PayPal processing fees and enable all of your gifts to “go to the kids.” But if it is going to be via credit card, YES press this button!

Young Aviators Inc is a Wisconsin based, volunteer-led, 501-c-3 non-profit corporation registered with the IRS and the State of Wisconsin. Donations are tax deductible. ID# 26-4069578


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