Steve Myers – President 
Former US Navy carrier pilot & Lockheed Engineering Test Pilot. At the Lockheed “Skunk Works,” worked on F-117 Stealth Fighter. Director, Aerial Reconnaissance Programs: SR-71, TR-1 and U-2R aircraft programs. Retired as Vice President, Flying Operations and Quality Assurance. Past Vice Chair of Young Aviators and built his own plane.







Séan Dwyer – Vice President
Curriculum Committee Chair
Retired 30 years SC Johnson
PhD in Chemistry
Owns a Piper Cherokee PA28-140



Steve Rehwinkel – Secretary
Retired Corporate Chief Pilot, Modine Mfg.
18,200 flight hours
Cessna Citation & Lear Jet




Eddy Huffman – Treasurer 
A retired airline pilot (30 years)
Over 20,000 hours flight experience,
Has retraced Lewis & Clark’s route, the Oregon Trail, and the Trans-continental Railroad in a light aircraft.




Scott Sellers –Outreach Committee Chair
Soloed at 16, pilot for 37 years
Scott’s father is an FAA listed Master Pilot (50 years of accident free flying) Scott has had both of his sons complete Young-Aviators program, Past Chair
Owns a Cessna 182




Tim Thompson  
Chief Flight Instructor for Young Aviators
Retired Delta airline Captain
Flight instructor
Past President



Sophia Pae
Middle daughter graduated from Young Aviators Class of 2012. Her youngest daughter graduated in 2017. She adds creativeness enthusiasm and energy to our board. Works with our student outreach efforts.





Mike Palazzola
Past Chair of Young Aviators, Former Mooney aircraft owner, and pilot. Retired from the medical imaging industry. “I was 30 when I learned to fly. How would my life have changed if I learned at 15?”




Jerry Bovitz – Aircraft building Leader
Retired Technical Education teacher (RUSD)
Pilot and aircraft inspectors ratings (A&P-IA)
Built several aircraft




Phil Fountain – Program Committee
Curriculum Coordinator, Simulator Instructor
Retired 30 years Tenneco, Inc.,
Pilot Proficiency Examiner,  16,000 flight hours



Daryl Lueck – Retired Technology Executive with over 35 years in industry technology roles.  Retired as Vice President and Lead Technology Officer for BMO Harris Bank NA.  Private Pilot since 1992.  Built and is flying a high-performance Cozy aircraft.



Carly Rondeau –  B.S. & BA in Business Management, Human Relations and Sociology. Masters Degree in Education-Leadership and Development. Instructor in Careers and Technical Education.  Prior experience in Job Shop Manufacturing Operations and Hospitality Management.
Mother of a 2017 Young Aviators Program Graduate



Michael Monroe – Former Marine aviator & counterintelligence officer; retired FAA Operation Supervisor; ATP &CFI-I for single & multiengine planes.





BumpursCarl Bumpurs – Retired engineering technician from Case. North Africa Sales Mgr.; Private Pilot; has retraced the Trans-Continental Railroad & Missippi River by air.





Czerwinski Craig Czerwinski – Aeronautics Instructor & Leader of the Drone Program at Gateway Technical College. Major in the Civil Air Patrol.





McGuire Mason McGuire – Young Aviator Alumnus from the class of 2015 and a good example of a force multiplier for the YA program. He helps students in the Fabrication Hanger.






MannJill Man – Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine, Seaplane SE, Dispatch, and Advanced & Ground Instructor rated. CFI: Simulator Instructor

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