Get involved

If you believe in something, you must get involved if you wish to see your dreams come true.

The "old aviators" that started Young Aviators all had a common question when they started the program. Will the next generation be able to control the machines to build on America's base, making the world a better place? We have a large group of people that are leaving science and engineering due to retirements. If you agree that this as is a future problem, maybe you can get involved and help promote STEM education.

We are always looking for guest speakers that can give a day or two to focus on a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math subject. You employer might even help you support these needs too.

Maybe you know someone that could donate the use of a training aircraft for the one  week of August? Make a few calls, rest assured it will always be flown with an instructor on board for the week, and we take out additional insurance to cover your liability concerns.

Our funding model aims to raise donations to cover greater than two-thirds of Young Aviator program costs with tuition fees paying the remaining one-third. We have found that this ratio gives the right balance of affordability and family involvement.  Bottom Line: We need to raise a minimum of $2200 for each of our twelve students. It tends to be more when aid scholarships are needed to pay the student's portion. We gladly do this to ensure applicants with the greatest potential are accepted. 

Consider nominating a student and sponsoring him or her for the program. That might be the best gift ever.

"Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back" - Chinese saying

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Please Donate. This program only works because so many people give their time and money.