Get involved

When you believe in something- and have a passion for it- it makes sense to get involved to help spread the word so that others may learn about and embrace that passion as well.


The “old aviators” who started Young Aviators were concerned that the up-coming generation of American youth may not share the passion needed to keep our country’s position as the world’s technology leader. A large portion of our established scientific and engineering leaders are retiring and passing away. At the same time, fewer American men and women are choosing to pursue technology based college degrees and careers. These shrinking numbers are causing a growing technology talent gap that threatens our country’s intellectual, scientific and engineering future.


If you agree that this growing gap presents a serious problem please get involved. Young Aviators and Racine’s EAA Chapter 838 have a cooperative quest to stimulate student interest in STEM and technology based careers. Please join us. Call Young Aviators - 262 515-9838.


Do you know a high school aged boy or girl that would love to attend our program? If so, consider nominating him or her. Or, how about being their sponsor as well. That might be the best gift ever.

"Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back" - Chinese saying

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Please Donate. This program only works because so many people give their time and money.