Young Aviators Alumni

Each year the students get better and better, and after each class the question often comes up; What should I do next? Well, Seán Dwyer made a page of information on what graduates could do next, if they wanted more exposure to flying. ClickHere

 Alumni Emily Horvath talks about Young Aviators in school paper, click for pdf

Hundreds of nice pictures are stored on this link. Take a look and remember the fun.

Pictures and Videos

YouTube video from 2012 class

YouTube video from 2011 class

Class of 2009

Jake Bisson
Mathew Blank
Ryan Breaker
Austin Buehrens
Valerie Iverson
Jacob Lamb
Dan Rankin
Dan Sellers

Class of 2010

Robert Beth
Andi Bisson
Jake Bisson
Austin  Buehrens
Matt Derse
Brandon Embry
Tony LoCurto
Sam Miller
Caroline Ray
David Soller
Joey Vela
Cody Wallo  

Class of 2011

Anthony Cappitelli
Luke Christopherson
Peter Christopherson
Aaron Gehne
Jarred Glasser
Jessica Hanneman
Ben Herrick
Jacob Kohler
Varun Malhorta
Jacob Rozelle
Kathryn Simonsen
Robbie Solar

Class of 2012

Connor Cain  
Zachery Kant
Alex Check
John Check
Matt Cape
Ben Gelhaus
Floyd Harmon
Amelia Hennegan
Charlie Lamberton
Esteher Pae
Mark Spatz
Joshua Wegner

Class of  2013

Emma Anderson  
Olivia Borglin
Max Cruz
Tony Fumo
Nick Ignasiak
Kyler Krenzke
Matthew Monfeli
Grant Pitts
Ben Sellers
Sara Toniolo
Daniel Yun
Annie Zlevor

Class of  2014

Ashley Rodriguez  
Kinzie Kujawa  

Chrissie Kujawa
Elijah Vass
Michael Porter
Samantha Smiley
Caleb Novine
Joseph Karriem
Richard "RJ" Fabian
Giancarlo Herring-Calvo
Emily Horvath
Foster Bolker
Class of 2015

Sam Robertson

Ryan Hart

Joe Santiago

Kyle Wix

Brennan Huff

Jacob Wienke

Grace Naquin

Shane Smiley

Michael McGuire

Maxwell Koke

Zeli Mae Frantz

Mason T McGuire

Class of  2016

Ayman Atcha

Zayan Atcha

Whitney Baxter

Connor Christianson

James Harley

Julia Jones

Jacob McCarthy

Clayton Miller

Ben Nelson

Ben Schneider

Ryan Shea

Alexis Thomas

Class of  2017
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