Racine, Wisconsin

What to see

The City of Racine and the surrounding area are great places in which to live. Twenty percent of all the fresh water in the world is right on our shoreline. The beautiful old lighthouse is only a couple of miles from our airport and helps us to find our way home when approaching at night.

Wind Point
Are you in Racine for the Young Aviator Program and not familiar with our city? Well, you’re in luck because you’re going to find there are many enjoyable things to see and do in our “Belle City”. Here’s a quick listing of available Summer activities and sights:

Here's a partial list of things to do in Racine

Real Racine


Wisconsin State Fair


Local calendar of events


List of everything local


Racine Symphony Orchestra


Racine Art Museum


Downtown Racine


SC Johnson Company Campus http://www.scjohnson.com/en/company/architecture.aspx
Fortaleza Hall


Can't make it to

If you're somewhere far away from Racine, WI, and can't find a way to get to Young-Aviators, don't cry like a baby. There are other programs around the country that provide variations of flying / S.T.E.M. experience.  Click here

Wonder why a little town like Racine can be the home of Young-Aviators? Click Here

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Please Donate. This program only works because so many people give their time and money.