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Start up a local Young Aviators group

We would like to see hundreds of STEM education programs available to young people. So if you thinking you could do this in your area, please call us and we will help with what we have learned from the experience. Call (262.515.9838) or email info@young-aviaors.com, the message will get to several of our board members, who all glad to help.

Here are some sample documents that we have done. Just click on the title to download a copy. You’re welcome to make your own versions with all or parts from these:

Core steps in setting up a summer flying program

Aircraft rental agreement

Draft Budget for 12 students

C172 Pre-delivery checklist

Emergency Medical release sample

Organization chart

sample Syllabus

12 student curriculum

Sample application

Year Checklist

Financial Aid Request

We use this text book, written by one of our board member Sean Dwyer

I found this on EAA (first steps for a non-profit)

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