Why Racine

There a several reason why Racine is the home of Young-Aviator.

  1. The area has a large pilot base. The home of several corporate fight departments, and proximity to Milwaukee and Chicago. 

  2. Batten International Airport. A full reliever service airport 15 miles south of Milwaukee Mitchell, and 50 miles north of Chicago O’Hare, is one of the safest and capable locations around. We have a low density traffic air space around us, long protected runways and precision navigation aids on the field. Students have told us, they get twice the flying time at Batten as they would at other airports.

  3. The EAA chapter building is perfect for our classrooms and flying needs. The Young Aviators program rents the EAA Chapter 838, which gives us a beautiful 12,000 sqft facility with ample parking to use.

    Batten AirportDid you know?
     Batten International Airport is named after one of the founders of Twindisc. Twindisc corporate aircraft take employees from Racine direct to the customers. General aviation allows Racine, WI to be the business center of America.

    Runway 4/22
    6574' long 100' wide

    Runway 14/32
    4422' long x 100' wide

Only Science, Technology, Engineering & Math will keep your head above the clouds
Did you know Young Aviator Vice Chair Steve Myers was a past V.P. at Lockheed Skunkworks?
Jerry Bovitz could be the most loved shop teacher in America ya logo

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